February 1 – Petr Cancura’s The New Old Timers

Next month we are very pleased to present Petr Cancura and his project “The New Old Timers”.


“The North East and the South have a lot more in common then you may think. The South is known for its rugged mountains and countryside, and so the music from there has names like “Country” and “Bluegrass”. The North-East has its own version of forests – full of fire hydrants, people and subways, and so the music from there has names like “jazz” and “modern-urban-jazz”. The New Old Timers integrates the old truths of fiddle and gospel tunes into a seamless new sound of saxophones, bass and drums.”

The New Old Timers
Petr Cancura – saxophone, mandolin
Jeremy Udden – saxophones
Aryeh Kobrinsky – bass
Matt Wilson – drums

Sunday 1 February, Petr Cancura’s The New Old Timers

Doors at 2:30 PM, concert begins at 3:00 PM sharp.

Petr Cancura


Born in Eastern Europe, brought up in the wilderness of the Great White North, and later thrusting into the urban Jungle of New York City, it is no surprise that Petr Cancura’s musical pallet is as wide as it is. A saxophonist with a vast knowledge of Jazz, Balkan, African and American folk traditions, Petr performs on banjo and mandolin as well as on the medium format black & white camera… all of which influences each other into a Roots Song & Improvising music machine with a visual sensibility.

Petr Cancura has performed with Grammy-nominated Danilo Perez, Grammy-nominated Julian Lage, Bob Moses, Joe Morris, Jacek Kochan, Kathleen Edwards, Kenny Wollesen, Joe Maneri, Cecil McBee and the Juno award-winning Mighty Popo. He is currently performing as part of the Ghost Train Orchestra, The Richie Barshay RB3, The Forro Brass Band amongst others. Petr’s source of expression is most focused on his blend of Americana roots music and jazz in his groups Big Sky and Down Home.

The adventure continues with Petr Cancura’s position as the Programming Director of the Ottawa International Jazz Festival, crafting together a world class festival with hundreds of shows annually. You may also find Cancura in the classroom giving workshops all across the US and Canada.


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