Blake & Brass – February 3, 2019

Hello dear listeners!

We hope you can join us on Sunday, February 3rd, at 3pm, for a thrilling all-star afternoon of bebop brass!

Blake & Brass

Michael Blake – Saxophone and Flute
Steven Bernstein – Trumpet
Clark Gayton – Trombone
Marcus Rojas – Tuba
Allan Mednard – Drums

Conjuring music from the curbsides and corners of cultures far and wide, this little brass band reverberates with the spirit of street music from around the world. Michael’s arrangements reveal a restless adventurer and his band mates know how to spur one another on.
Please join us as Blake & Brass brings their musical genius to the Parlor!

Sunday 3 February, Blake & Brass

Doors at 2:30 PM, concert begins at 3:00 PM sharp.

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Hush Point – January 13th, 2019

Hello dear listeners!

The Parlor Series at Dupuy’s Landing is back, and we are thrilled to return in 2019 with a joyful noise!

First up, please join us on Sunday, January 13th, at 3pm, when we will welcome Hush Point to the Parlor. These awesome jazz explorers will take us on a musical journey of improvised collaboration.

Hush Point 

Hush Point

Jeremy Udden – Alto Saxophone
John McNeil – Trumpet
Aryeh Kobrinsky – Bass
Anthony Pinciotti– Drums

“Setting the new standard for the pianoless jazz quartet.” (JAZZIZ)

Brooklyn’s post “cool jazz” quartet Hush Point exudes swing and lyricism while “delving into deeply interactive improvisation that doesn’t need to shout to be heard.”  (Peter Margasak, DOWNBEAT)  Three critically-acclaimed albums for Sunnyside Records establish the collectives personal brand of “dry and intimate and surprising music, volume cut in half, swing rhythm subtly stretched into more up-to-date grooves,…an extended experiment in careful improvising, using counterpoint to move quickly and unsentimentally toward the open spaces.” (Ben Ratliff, NEW YORK TIMES)

The band formed organically around sessions between veteran trumpeter John McNeil (Gerry Mulligan, Horace Silver) and saxophonist Jeremy Udden (Either/Orchestra, Bob Brookmeyer) in which the two explored the musical ideas of Brookmeyer and Jimmy Giuffre.  Bassist Aryeh Kobrinsky brought virtuosity and a penchant for collective improvisation, while drummer Anthony Pinciotti contributed a wealth of swing and deep interaction from his experience playing with Jim Hall, John Abercrombie, James Moody and countless other jazz legends.

A Hush Point performance is at once warm, inviting, challenging, and often humorous as they explore classic and original material that “doesn’t need to shout to be heard.”  (Peter Margasak, CHICAGO READER)
Please join us as Hush Point brings their musical genius to the Parlor. We look forward to welcoming you back!

Sunday 13 January, Hush Point

Doors at 2:30 PM, concert begins at 3:00 PM sharp.

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Sunday, February 3rd — Michael Blake + Brass
Michale Blake (sax & flute)
Steven Bernstein (trumpet)
Clark Gayton (trombone)
Marcus Rojas (tuba)
Matt Wilson (drums)

Stay tuned for more great music in the coming months..

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April 15, 2018 – Ilusha

Hello dear listeners!

Please join us on Sunday, April 15th, at 3pm, when we are thrilled to welcome back Ilusha to the Parlor. His latest project will bring an intimate afternoon of voices and music that celebrate global truths through the unique elements of Georgian folk songs. 

Ilusha Tsinadze – voice, guitar
Stephanie Hemshrot – voice
Alex Kutubidze- voice
Chris Tordini – voice, upright bass

Ilusha Tsinadze is a singer, guitarist, composer, and arranger born in Tbilisi, Georgia. After studying jazz in college, his passion shifted to the music of his homeland. In 2011, Ilusha released his debut album, Deda Ena (Mother Tongue), which featured his own distinctly personal interpretations of Georgian folk songs along with compositions of his own. The music video for his song “Mokhevis Kalo Tinao” went viral in Georgia and has since won him wide acclaim and national fame in the country. He has performed with his Brooklyn-based band around the world, allowing audiences to experience his emotional renditions of Georgia’s beautiful and little-known musical traditions.
Please join us as Ilusha and his crew help us shake off the long cold winter and celebrate spring!

Sunday 15 April, Ilusha

Doors at 2:30 PM, concert begins at 3:00 PM sharp.

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March 11, 2018 – Jeremy Udden Trio/Quartet

Hello dear listeners!

Set your clocks forward and join us on Sunday, March 11th, at 3pm *. Due to unforseen circumstances Hush Point will not be performing, but we will welcome Jeremey Udden and his Trio/Quartet to the parlor. These awesome jazz explorers will take us on a musical journey of improvised collaboration.

Jeremy Udden Trio/Quartet 

Jeremy Udden Trio/Quartet

Jeremy Udden – Saxophone
Steve Cardenas – Guitar
Aryeh Kobrinsky– Bass
Mark Ferber – Drums

“With his beautiful, round soprano tone, the saxophonist Udden lends a haunting sheen to tunes spanning the soothingly melodic to the jaggedly free.”

“although he’s a super jazz saxophonist, [Udden] openly embraces the rock, folk, and country sounds he heard in his youth… More often than not, Udden’s music opts for a more gentle, almost pastoral quality–although it retains a muscle and grit to balance the lyric softness.  The more difficult Udden’s music becomes to classify, the better it seems to get.”
Please join us as The Jeremy Udden Trio/Quartet bring their musical genius to the Parlor for an outstanding afternoon of inspiration.
Sunday 11 March, Jeremy Udden Trio/Quartet

Doors at 2:30 PM, concert begins at 3:00 PM* sharp.

*Remember to set you clocks forward for Daylight Saving TIme!!

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January 14, 2018 – Michael Blake Quartet

Hello dear listeners!

Happy New Year! Here’s to all the best for 2018! We hope you can join us to get it started on a good foot with –

The Michael Blake Quartet 

Michael Blake Quartet

Michael Blake – Saxophone
Steve Cardenas – Guitar
Ben Allison – Bass
Kenny Wollesen – Drums

Born in Montreal, Canada and raised in Vancouver, Michael Blake has made New York City his home, where he has released music with abounding originality and vision for 30 years. Michael Blake actively tours around the world and teaches in the city. As a composer his creative output is constantly in flux. The fifteen albums to his name offer listeners a huge variety of music. 2016 was a significant year for him with his choice to release three divergent albums: Fulfillment, Transmissions and Red Hook Soul. Blake also toured the US west coast, performed in Brazil and taught in Mexico.

Guitarist Steve Cardenas has regularly performed with such diverse artists as Paul McCandless of the group Oregon, Mark Isham and Jeff Beal, as well as Madeleine Peyroux and Norah Jones. Steve was a longstanding member of the Paul Motian Octet, the Charlie Haden Liberation Music Orchestra, as well as Joey Baron‘s band, Killer Joey. Steve is currently a member of the Steve Swallow Quintet, Ben Allison Band, Jon Cowherd‘s Mercy Project and John Patitucci‘s Electric Guitar Quartet.

Bassist/composer Ben Allison is known for his inspired arrangements, inventive grooves and hummable melodies. Ben draws from the jazz tradition and a range of influences from rock and folk to 20th century classical and world music traditions, seamlessly blending them into a cinematic, cohesive whole.

Drummer Kenny Wollesen has worked with everyone from Tom Waits to Bill Frisell. He is the backbone of dozens of bands including the undefinable Sex Mob. He has also led a marching band and collaborated with Blake in their ground breaking quartet Slow Poke.

Please join us as Michael and his quartet bring their musical genius to the Parlor for an outstanding afternoon of inspiration.

Sunday 14 January, Michael Blake Quartet

Doors at 2:30 PM, concert begins at 3:00 PM sharp.

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December 18, 2017 – Robinson & Rohe “The Longest Winter”

Hello dear listeners!

As the days grow shorter, and the nights get colder, we have ingrained in us the need to gather close and keep warm with good cheer and song, and to fortify our spirits against the darkness that surrounds us…

.. and so we are thrilled to continue our holiday tradition of hosting Robinson and Rohe and having you join us in our celebration of the Winter Solstice on a rare, Monday evening performance.

Robinson & Rohe – 
The Longest Winter: A Christmas Concert and Singalong

A crowd of friends and neighbors has gathered on one of the longest nights of the year. All is warm and cozy inside, while the cold winter wind blows just outside the door. The clatter of wine glasses and mugs filled to the brim with hot cider gives way to silence. And from that radiant silence emerges a song…

For the past ten years, Robinson & Rohe has been performing The Longest Winter: A Christmas Concert and Singalong. Annually hosted in venues and house concerts throughout the Northeast, this event has become an audience favorite, a staple of the season. For the third year in a row, they bring their midwinter music to the Parlor Series, resplendent with a gorgeous backdrop, a triptych of paper cut light boxes designed by illustrator Andrew Benincasa.

Liam Robinson and Jean Rohe bring their folk-music roots and contemporary sensibilities to songs new and old. Robinson & Rohe go deep into the Christmas repertoire: the mystical, the melancholic, the soulful, the sublime. Expect songs you may not know: haunting melodies of old Europe, joyful singalongs of the Southern US, and modern takes on the strange and ancient Christmas tale. Please join us for this special evening.

About Robinson & Rohe:

Both accomplished songwriters in their own rights, Jean Rohe (guitar, singing) and Liam Robinson (banjo, accordion, singing) let their finely crafted songs shine in detailed arrangements and elegant harmonies. Whether in small clubs or on festival stages, Robinson & Rohe performances are intimate gatherings in which listeners are invited to share in the music-making.

Monday 18 December, Robinson & Rohe

Doors at 6:30 PM, concert begins at 7:00 PM sharp.

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Coming Up:

Sunday, January 14, 3pm – Michael Blake

November 19 – Sexmob – Tuba Mob!

Dear Music Lovers!

Our fall series continues this November with a very special performance  by Sexmob featuring tuba virtuoso Marcus Rojas. Taking pop and jazz classics and giving them the raucus and free-wheeling interpretation that only Sexmob can give, this concert is not to be missed!

Sexmob – Tuba Mob!

Steve Bernstein– Slide Trumpet
Briggan Krauss – Saxophones
Kenny Wollesen – Drums
Marcus Rojas – Tuba

Tuba Mob! Sexmob meets Marcus Rojas… tuba virtuoso and long time friend. Marcus appeared on Sexmob’s 2003 release Dime Grind Palace, and has been a guest of the band in many concerts. Dupuy’s Landing will be a perfect intimate setting for a meeting of the sounds minds and music.

Now celebrating its 20th year, Sexmob continues to deconstruct familiar pop tunes with subversive impunity.  Everything from Prince’s “Sign O’ the Times” to the Grateful Dead’s “Ripple,” Nirvana’s “About a Girl” to ABBA’s “Fernando” is fair game for this band of musical renegades. And fonder Steve Bernstein is explicit about Sexmob not being a cover band. ”Covers to me means you play it exactly like the record,” he explains. “I just take songs that I feel have a great melody and do them in my style. So I’ll pick a tune and tell the guys, ‘Let’s Sexmob this!’ And I realize that’s what jazz musicians have always done. That’s how Lester Young and Charlie Parker and Miles Davis got popular. They played the songs that everyone knew. And because they could recognize the song then that invited them into their style.”

Sunday 19 November, Sexmob – Tuba Mob!

Doors at 2:30 PM, concert begins at 3:00 PM sharp.

This show is sold out!

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AND COMING UP…. Get your indelible pens out and mark your calendar for the following Parlor Series at Dupuy’s Landing, Sunday afternoon concerts from 3:00 – 5:00 PM


December 3rd — To be announced soon…

December 18th — Robinson & Rohe


January 14th — Michael Blake


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