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January 8 – Made in China

Hello dear listeners!

Happy Holidays! We wish you all the best for the new year, and hope you can join us in getting it started right with a great trio of Jazz adventurers!

Michael Blake presents Made in China

Made in China

Michael Blake – Saxophone
Samuel Blaser – Trombone
Michael Sarin – Drums

Made in China got its name because the band was in fact made in China. Originally organized by a friend to tour China as a Quartet that included upright bass, the band found itself with visas in hand but no bass player. They were unsure how people would respond to a bass-less band but removing the core frequencies they had come to rely on gave them a wonderful challenge, it allowed for more space to exist and the trio adjusted to the setting without dropping a beat.

The result of this collaboration was captured on the 2016 album “Transmissions”. The recording can best be described as a ‘drive thru’ session. Even though the band hadn’t played in several years since their tour of China, they picked up where they left off, devising a program of mostly original music and several covers. Blake’s tunes include the head-slamming title track, a tribute to the great Ornette Coleman and a free-jazz Calypso inspired by the previous mentioned icon. Blaser’s compositions are a stark contrast, offering up both a bluesy tribute to a good friend and a melodic tongue twister called Mouse. The trio charms the listener by performing both of the cover songs, including a tender rendition of Louis Moholo’s You Ain’t Gonna Know Me ‘Cos You Think You Know Me and the rarely heard Jamaican ska tune You Don’t Know with an abiding reverence that captures every bit of the stubbornness that their titles suggest.

Please join us as they bring their musical genius to the Parlor for an outstanding afternoon of inspiration.

Sunday 8 January, Made in China

Doors at 2:30 PM, concert begins at 3:00 PM sharp.

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December 21 – Robinson and Rohe

Hello dear listeners!

As the days grow shorter, and the nights get colder, we have ingrained in us the need to gather close and keep warm with good cheer and song, and to fortify our spirits against the darkness that surrounds us…

.. and so we are thrilled to continue our holiday tradition of hosting Robinson and Rohe and having you join us in our celebration of the winter solstice on a rare, Wednesday evening performance.

Robinson and Rohe – 
The Longest Winter: A Christmas Concert and Singalong

A crowd of friends and neighbors has gathered on one of the longest nights of the year. All is warm and cozy inside, while the cold winter wind blows just outside the door. The clatter of wine glasses and mugs filled to the brim with hot cider gives way to silence. And from that radiant silence emerges a song…

For the past nine years, Robinson & Rohe has been performing The Longest Winter: A Christmas Concert and Singalong. Annually hosted in venues and house concerts throughout the Northeast, this event has become an audience favorite, a staple of the season. For the third year in a row, they bring their midwinter music to the Parlor Series, resplendent with a gorgeous backdrop, a triptych of paper cut light boxes designed by illustrator Andrew Benincasa.

Liam Robinson and Jean Rohe bring their folk-music roots and contemporary sensibilities to songs new and old. Robinson & Rohe go deep into the Christmas repertoire: the mystical, the melancholic, the soulful, the sublime. Expect songs you may not know: haunting melodies of old Europe, joyful singalongs of the Southern US, and modern takes on the strange and ancient Christmas tale. Please join us for this special evening.

About Robinson & Rohe:

Both accomplished songwriters in their own rights, Jean Rohe (guitar, singing) and Liam Robinson (banjo, accordion, singing) let their finely crafted songs shine in detailed arrangements and elegant harmonies. Whether in small clubs or on festival stages, Robinson & Rohe performances are intimate gatherings in which listeners are invited to share in the music-making.

Wednesday 21 December, Robinson and Rohe

Doors at 6:30 PM, concert begins at 7:00 PM sharp.

Coming Up:

Sunday, January 8, 3pm – Michael Blake

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